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Welcome to Frisco Maids!

At Frisco Maids we believe that you CAN have it all but you don't have to DO it all on your own. We can lighten your load, taking care of the housework so that you can focus on what's really important to you. Time with family, time for career advancemment or just time to relax and have fun; what will you do when you are free from the burden of the never ending cleaning routine? It's up to you!


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How it Works:

Maid service is supposed to make you life easier, so at Frisco Maids we keep things simple!

  1. We'll give you a free quote right over the phone or by email
  2. We'll set up a customized service plan based on what YOU want and need. 
  3. Booking takes 5 minutes and we offer a wide variety of no hassle payment options for your convenience.
  4. We have the very best maids in Frisco, they will clean your home top to bottom with a smile.
  5. We are so sure that you will love our service that we back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Why Frisco Maids? What's the Frisco Maids Difference?

We've been providing the highest quality maid service in Frisco, Tx for nearly a decade, we have a 5 star track record and a solid base of happy customers that have been with us for years. In this business reputation is everything. You don't want to let just anyone clean your home, it's important to be cautious. Before you invite a cleaning company into your home shouldn't you ask if they can give you references? If they are bonded and insured? If they do criminal background checks on their employees? Frisco Maids can give you that peace of mind that only comes with hiring a reputable, reliable service.

That Perfect Clean, Every Time!

We are obsessed with quality, we like to think we offer the deepest, most thorough clean in Texas. Our "secret" recipe is that we only hire maids with solid cleaning experience and impeccable references. Then they get background checks and a long training period before they are ready to clean for us. We have our method down to a science, there is no time wasting or corner cutting here. And your special requests? Done your way and with a smile!