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Carpet Cleaning Methods

December 28, 2017 by friscomaids

Clean Carpet

Benefits of regularly scheduled carpet cleanings range from financial benefits to health benefits, here just a few:

  • Regular cleanings can extend the useful life of your carpet and improve its appearance.
  • Getting your carpets cleaned can reduce indoor allergens like dust, mold and pet dander.
  • Effective cleaning methods can sanitize your carpet too, ridding it of harmful germs and bacteria growth.

As a consumer it can be confusing shopping for a good carpet cleaning service , one of the biggest mysteries is the difference between all of the different kinds or methods of carpet cleaning that are on the market now.  We decided to try and untangle the technical side of carpet cleaning and dig into how these pro’s work their magic.

“Steam” Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

This widely used technique employs a machine that sprays hot water and carpet shampoo onto your rug and then sucks it back up as it goes. These kinds of carpet cleaning machines are the ones that do-it-yourself homeowners often rent for a day to clean their carpets on their own. There is no actual steam involved in the process unless you count the steam coming up from the hot water into the air on some machines.

Hot water extraction can be a very hygienic, thorough cleaning process as long as the person running the machine knows what they are doing. An inexperienced tech might leave the carpet too wet which can foster the growth of mildew, mold and bacteria. Additionally if the detergent solution is left on the carpet that can become a sticky dirt magnet, requiring another cleaning to fix.  What could be worse? If you have a really bad tech or a malfunctioning machine you could end up with sitting water in your carpet pad and subflooring; could cost you thousands in property damage. Just one more reason to consider leaving the carpet cleaning to professionals with insurance!

Professional carpet cleaners that employ the hot water extraction cleaning method may use portable machines but most use “truck mounted” systems for added power and efficiency. Hoses are run from their truck mounted hot water extraction unit into the the room(s) where the cleaning will be performed.

The carpet may be pre-treated with stain removing products and may also be “pre-vacuumed” and  “pre-groomed” which is basically a process of agitating the carpet fibers to loosen dirt particles, making them easier to extract. These are just a few of the steps that professional carpet cleaners often take before beginning to clean with hot water extraction.

After the cleaning the damp carpet can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to dry. The drying process can be speeded up by varying degrees through the use of fans, heaters, dehumidifiers or even central air.

Dry Extraction Methods

After learning about the dangers of carpet getting too wet you might be thinking about going with a dry cleaning method for your carpets. It’s important to note that most dry extraction methods do include a certain amount of moisture along the way, but still drastically less than with the hot water extraction method.

There are several types of dry extraction carpet cleaning methods that are in use today. Here we will look at several of them:

Dry Foam Cleaning

This is a good example of a “dry” cleaning method that is not truly dry. Foam is created by the dry foam machine by adding a mixture of water and carpet shampoo, the foam is then applied to the carpet and may be pushed down into the carpet through agitation. After the carpet dries (can be one or two hours)  the foam residue is vacuumed up along with the dirt that it has loosened.

Dry Compound Cleaning

This is about as dry as it gets, the dry cleaning compound is sprinkled on the carpet and then typically there is an agitation process either manually with a brush or with a machine. The cleaning compound is then vacuumed up along with the dirt that bonded to its particles.

Encapsulation Compounds

This carpet cleaning method is relatively new and pretty high tech. Special polymers are spread on the carpet that capture dirt and turn it into a solid dry residue which is then vacuumed up easily for an immediately clean, dry finish for the carpet.

Carpet Shampooing

Considered a dry method only because there is no water rinse in the process carpet shampoo machines apply a detergent or “shampoo” to the carpet, usually agitating as they go with rotating brushes and then are allowed to dry. Vacuuming the following day removes the shampoo residue along with the dirt.

Carpet shampoo has come a long way, it used to leave a sticky sort of residue that would attract dirt and require more frequent cleanings but today the synthetic  shampoos are much less likely to do that.

Bonnet (Absorbent Pad)

This machine looks like a floor buffer and functions in a very similar way. Cleaning solution is applied to the carpet and to circular pad on the bottom of the machine. The machine is then run over the carpet to agitate the fibers and bring ground-in dirt to the surface.

Not strictly a dry cleaning method, Bonnet method uses a small amount of water or alternately club soda to get the job done.

The absorbent pad method is best left to the professionals because it can be very easy to apply to much pressure or allow the absorbent pad to get too dry and this can result in pile distortion, where it looks like you have craters in your carpet!

Benefits of the Bonnet method include good potential for tough stain removal and faster drying times (often an hour.)

Now that you know all about the wide array of cleaning methods available today, hopefully you will e better prepared to choose the carpet cleaning method that is right for you!

5 Reasons to Fire Your Maid Service (and Get A New One)

December 28, 2017 by friscomaids

bad maid

Don’t duke it out with a bad maid, just move on.


With over a decade in the Frisco maid service scene we have seen competitors come and go, heard horror stories about unscrupulous maid services and read online tirade’s from other people’s clients fed up with lousy customer service. What always surprises us is how much people are willing to put up with from a housekeeping service before they will walk (hopefully to us!).

Don’t settle for sub-par service; we give you here 5 deal breakers. Five good reasons to fire your service and call us today:

1) They play “musical maids”. Does it seem like you are getting a different housekeeper every time your home gets cleaned? Do you get tired of explaining the way you want your bathroom cleaned every week to a new maid? Look out! A reputable service will do everything in their power to assign you a housekeeper or team and not switch you over. Why? Because this instills a sense of ownership in a housekeeper. You are “her” client, she knows your home well, knows how to clean it efficiently, knows where everything goes and she has a history with you. That’s good business sense, so if your service is dropping a new maid in your lap every time the system is broken and you should bail.

2) They are flaky. While flaky is a good quality for a hot biscuit it’s hugely inconvenient in a housekeeper. Are they late? Does your appointment get switched days or time slots constantly? Have they ever just not showed up? If they aren’t concerned about wasting your valuable time they might be sloppy with Grandma’s china or your hardwood floors. Channel Donald Trump and fire that maid!

3) They are impossible to contact. Nobody answers the phone. Nobody calls you back. Your emails go unread. Short of sending smoke signals with the steam coming out of your ears at this point it’s a lost cause. It’s perfectly acceptable to break up with your maid by fax or text by the way, hint hint.

4) They won’t let you “have it your way”. As a paying customer you have every right to a reasonable amount of customization to your cleaning service. If your special requests and instructions fall on deaf ears then it may be time to pick up the phone and “call someone who cares”.

5) They won’t “make it right”. Everybody makes mistakes, we don’t expect perfection from anyone (though we strive for it!). But what your service does after you have been inconvenienced says a lot about how much they value you as a customer. There should be follow up, there should be an apology and there should be reasonable compensation appropriate to the circumstance.

Bad services abound, pick a winner. Frisco Maids Cleaning Service has been making (and keeping) happy customers all over Frisco and Dallas for over 14 years. Stop settling and get the excellent level of service that you deserve!

Friendly and Reliable

July 25, 2013 by admin

friendly maid

We don’t hire good maids… we hire the best maids! Great references, lots of experience and a sunny personality are just a few of the qualifications a new maid has to meet. We do background checks and we’re bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

Your home has never looked better! That’s because at Frisco Maids we don’t cut corners, we clean them. From the ceiling fans down to the baseboards we will dust, clean an polish so you don’t have to. Relax and enjoy your newfound free time to spend with family, friends or yourself!

Perfectly Polished

July 25, 2013 by admin

modern living room beige

Hello pretties and welcome to the Frisco Maids’ perfectly polished blog where we dish the dirt and then meticulously clean and disinfect everything after. We have the scoop on the cleaning industry and their dirty little secrets. We are going to talk about things that will make your cleaning service cringe so have a look around and send us a note if you like what you see or if you have a bit of juicy gossip to share.

All of these are fair game:

  • maid services in dallas and frisco
  • carpet cleaning in dallas and frisco
  • cleaning services from other places too!

Oooh and we will have exclusive cleaning tips that will make even Jame Bond’s maid jealous so stay tuned!